Nationstar Optoelectronics lights up Micro LED full-color display nStar Ⅲ

Release time:2023-12-06  browse:1591

Recently, Nationstar Optoelectronics’ Micro LED ultra-high-definition display research and development project successfully lit up nStar III. This is a 1.84-inch Micro LED full-color display using LTPS-TFT glass-based driver backplane. The screen uses a fully flip-chip substrate-less LED pixel light-emitting unit, which can achieve a peak screen brightness of >1500nits and a pixel pitch of 0.078mm. , with a resolution of 360*480, and is expected to be used in smart wearable products such as Micro LED watches.


Micro LED full-color display--nStar III, picture source: Nationstar Optoelectronics

According to Nationstar Optoelectronics, nStar III adopts Nationstar Optoelectronics’ independently developed mass transfer technology and Micro LED glass-based packaging patented technology, which not only achieves high-density integration of more than 500,000 Micro LED chips, but also provides R/G/B three-color The chip placement accuracy is less than 2um, and the transfer yield is more than 99.9%. It also makes the appearance thinner and more flat, and can take into account heat dissipation and display consistency.

From the launch of nStar Ⅰ in June 2020, to the launch of nStar Ⅱ in September 2022, and then to the arrival of nStar Ⅲ this time, the iterative upgrade of Nationstar's Micro LED full-color display products is steadily advancing.

In June 2020, Nationstar Optoelectronics’ first-generation new Micro LED product, the nStar I 2.7-inch display module, was officially launched. In terms of technology, it is reported that nStar Ⅰ uses glass as the substrate medium, with a transparency of up to 60%; it uses RGB chip mass transfer technology, the color gamut is greater than 100% NTSC, and the full-color display effect is more realistic; it uses integrated ultra-thin packaging technology, It is more friendly to heat dissipation, while ensuring the consistency of the display effect and lower brightness loss; it has a lower failure rate, the power can be as low as 10-20% of LCD and 50-70% of OLED, and has high reliability.

In September 2022, the company launched a new second-generation Micro LED product-nStar Ⅱ. nStar Ⅱ is a 3.5-inch glass-based Micro LED full-color display with a pixel pitch of 300 microns (P0.3). It uses TFT driver to achieve an 8-bit (256 gray scale) color depth display effect; based on self-built Micro LED technology The innovative R&D platform has simultaneously overcome the dual technical problems of mass transfer and mass bonding, and its overall yield has increased to 99.99%.

With the upgrading of nStar series products, the technology continues to be upgraded to small spacing, small size and other aspects, and the performance continues to improve. The development of subsequent products of Nationstar Optoelectronics will continue to expand the application fields.

In the field of Micro LED, Nationstar Optoelectronics has vigorously deployed independent research and development in recent years. After establishing the Mini&Micro LED Research Center in 2018, it established the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Micro Display in 2020. Currently, the company has applied for More than 100 invention patents.

It is worth mentioning that the Micro LED full-color display research and development project led by Nationstar Optoelectronics has been approved by the National Key R&D Plan, the Guangdong Provincial Key Areas R&D Plan and other scientific research projects. This will help Nationstar Optoelectronics fully promote the new Micro LED technology. Display project development and accelerate the process of key technology research.