Every pixel carries the power of technology!

"Every pixel carries the power of technology" represents the company's ultimate pursuit of product accuracy and quality, and also symbolizes the unique value and importance of each employee. AIP firmly believes that just as a beam of light is composed of countless pixels, the company's success also stems from the contribution and innovation of every employee. The company will transform the potential of technology into actual and perceptible user experiences through continuous exploration and practice, thereby setting a new benchmark in the field of display technology.

Make Things Happen

In this fast-paced industry, we value team members that are committed to making things happen. We put the success of our customers first and provide them with unparalleled solutions, energy, responsiveness and innovation.

We take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves so seriously that we can't have some fun at work. We drive deadlines but we don't have deadlines for the sake of them. We set our standards high and we're accountable for our goals, but we recognize all our valued colleagues have lives outside work. We don't like drama unless it's on the big screen and everyone here works collaboratively and supportively. We win together rather than at the expense of each other. We state our views out loud but we actively support decisions and drive towards our goals. We do it the right way - ethically and with integrity - with a relentless pursuit of driving improvement.

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