On June 9, 2023, AIPixel was officially established

Release time:2023-06-09  browse:5759

Recently, AIPixel is about to usher in a new move, which marks the company's entry into a new stage and demonstrates the company's vitality in continuous development.

The new office not only has spacious space and advanced facilities, but also provides employees with a more comfortable and efficient office environment. This relocation is also an important measure for the company to continuously optimize its own development and enhance its corporate image.


We believe that the new office environment will bring more opportunities and challenges to the company. At this new starting point, we will adhere to the concept of "goal orientation, platform thinking, product speaking, win-win cooperation, and extreme seriousness", continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and collaboration, and provide higher standards and better services. Create more value for customers and partners.

At the same time, we would also like to thank everyone who supports and pays attention to the company's development. In the new office environment, we will work with everyone to create a better future. To celebrate the move, we will hold a grand celebration in the new office to welcome all employees, customers and partners to share the joy and achievements on this festive day.